El Paso poll: no driver's licenses for illegal aliens

From the El Paso Times' "Many oppose licenses for undocumented, poll shows":
El Pasoans, Hispanic and non-Hispanic, largely favor allowing some undocumented immigrants to work and live legally in the United States, but strongly oppose giving them driver's licenses.

An El Paso Times/KVIA-ABC 7 poll indicates that 59 percent of the 300 registered voters interviewed in April favored the creation of a work program for undocumented immigrants. But 65 percent of the same voters said they opposed giving undocumented immigrants driver's licenses, a much-debated issue for years...

In the poll, the answers to the two immigration questions were similar among Hispanic and non-Hispanic voters. Sixty-one percent of Hispanics and 72 percent of non-Hispanics disapproved of driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants, and 64 percent of Hispanics and 50 percent of non-Hispanics favored a work program. The margin of error was plus or minus 6 percentage points...
El Paso is, of course, right on the border and it's around 3/4 Hispanic, almost all of which are Mexican-American.


"almost all of which"

Perhaps 'almost all of whom' works better here.

This poll also proves how some polls can produce stupid and illogical results: it makes no sense to say you favor allowing illegals to become legal, but oppose giving them driving licenses. Logically, it would seem to follow that if you think illegals ought to be given legal status, then the question of whether to give illegals licenses is moot -- just make them legal and then they can have a license.