New York Times tries to restore its credibility

From the surprising NYT article "Times Panel Proposes Steps to Build Credibility":
In order to build readers' confidence, an internal committee at The New York Times has recommended taking a variety of steps, including having senior editors write more regularly about the workings of the paper, tracking errors in a systematic way and just firing everyone and starting over.

The committee also recommended that the paper "discontinue trying to build and apologize for world communism" and "relegate Nina Bernstein to writing Sally Struthers' TV commercials," with more reporting from rural areas and of a broader array of cultural and lifestyle issues. The report also advocated that the New York Times tells the truth for once. The 16-page report is to be made available today on the Times company's Web site,
(Note: I modified their text slightly. Can you spot the changes I made?)

At post time, I can't find the report at, but I'll look for it on the morn.