91% think illegal immigration is a very or somewhat serious problem.

According to a new Fox News / Opinion Dynamics poll about immigration, 91% of respondents think illegal immigration is a very or somewhat serious problem. The report is here. The PDF file with the questions and the results is here.

Here's the actual question that was asked:

How serious a problem do you believe the illegal or undocumented immigration situation is in the United States today? Do you see it as a very serious problem, somewhat serious, not very serious or not at all a serious problem?

63% said "very serious", 28% said "somewhat serious", and 2% were unsure. Leaving 7% who don't think it's a problem. (In future posts, I think I'll call supporters of illegal immigration "The Seven Percenters.")

This was a phone poll of 900 people. Now, I fully expect the usual suspects to claim it was a fake poll or make a enormously humorous pun like "Faux." Well, stifle your laughter because here are three examples of MediaMatters citing other polls from the same source, without questioning their credibility: this, this, and this.

That said, one of the questions is a bit unfortunate:

Do you favor or oppose eliminating all forms of public assistance, including education and health benefits, to all illegal or undocumented immigrants and their children?

Emphasis added. I don't favor eliminating all services, which might include things like legitimate emergencies.

And, on an unfortunate note, a majority support allowing working illegal aliens to apply for "legal, temporary-worker status." I would imagine the responses would be dramatically different if the question had been changed to "legal, temporary-worker status which Teddy Kennedy and other 'liberals' would deal up into a permanent amnesty."

Note also that in most cases Republicans and Democrats are close or very close in their responses. That's similar to other immigration polls.


If the antiamerican immigration lobby can pretend thateven though 90% of the democracy is against them, and it doesn't matter because they just feel that they must be right, this blasts their credentials to represent anyone but themselves, and their corrupt desires to plunder the net taxpayer.

Great post over at Hit & Run! The Reasonaniacs are lame. If you don't tow the line, they'll ban you in a heartbeat. That means you have to think millions of dirt poor Mexicans crashing our borders is a good thing. To hell with the taxpayers and working class Americans. Corporate welfare forever. Open borders or bust.