Tomorrow's hit pieces... today!

The last post linked to an article from Chris Strom of Government Executive magazine.

Mr. Strom might have the honor of being the subject of an upcoming post here. Read the statist psychobabble here to see why:
Strohm has just returned to D.C. from five days of interviewing members of the Minuteman Project in Arizona. He said today: "My interviews reveal a deep-seeded, reactionary, paranoid and anti-government philosophy among Minutemen organizers and volunteers. Their politics are a complex mix of right and left leanings, even if they are not aware of it. They are for strong U.S. labor unions. They feel the political class is corrupt. They are against the war in Iraq. They voted for Bush but now feel he has sold them out. They despise groups like the ACLU. They call employers who hire illegal immigrants 'criminals' and 'the ugly side of capitalism.' Many of them exaggerate the impact of illegal immigration to make it the scapegoat for almost every problem in American society, including traffic gridlock." Strohm added: "They were becoming increasing confused and frustrated at what they perceive as the demise of the 'American dream.' Then they found a face to blame for problems in American society: illegal immigrants. So they went to the border to plant their U.S. flags in the ground and take a stand against something tangible."
It certainly sounds like the article might be a hit piece, but I'm waiting to see it before commenting. If you want to be proactive rather than reactive, here's GovExec's contact information.

Note the internal contradictions in Strom's screed: the MMP volunteers blame the employers in one sentence, and in a following sentence he accuses them of concentrating their blame on the illegal immigrants themselves. The bits are bold are, IMO, along the lines of, "they eat Cheerios. They drive Fords. They sometimes wear hats." The fools!

On a side note, bear in mind that even professional writers make mistakes. It's "deep-seated", not "deep-seeded."