"Too Controversial for the University of Denver"

Former CO Gov. Richard Lamm was a professor at the University of Denver before he became governor, and he returned there afterwards. At some unspecified date in the past he wrote an article entitled "Two Wands" that "was in response to a particularly offensive screed on white racism by one of our affirmative action officials. I felt it should not go unanswered."

However, it was repeatedly turned down for publication in the campus newspaper, from the lowest rungs to the chancellor of the university. He refused to publish the article as well. However, last year a journal published it, and you can read it here. Send it to the "liberals" you know.


Another problem is that Lamm blames "culture":

[Daniel Patrick Moynihan has insightfully observed, the central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society.]

In America, we all exist in pretty much the same "culture", close enough that I am not sure this is the decisive difference, rather than average IQ, which more and more convincing research points to.

One problem with Lamm's approach is that he is too defensive, as if he doesn't realize that officials are asking for power to use aggression to equalize groups on a racial basis. Though the question was raised in an academic context, the issue would be what power officials may use, not so much the truth or falsehood of whether minority inequality is caused by caucasian juveniles, for example. If we're going to blame white children for causing retarded school performance among immigrants, that is a set up for aggression by officials. The burden of proof is on the left, who are asking for power to use aggression upon the innocent.