At least some "liberals" are getting a clue

Over at the not-quite-as-bad-as-Hatrios site MyDD, Chris Bowers offers us "Scapegoating Immigrants" about the REAL ID Act. I was going to reply, except I see that it's generated five comments, all of which seem to be from real "liberals" and four of which are opposed to illegal immigration, including this one:
Dems need to get real

...Illegal immigration is bad, bad, bad, for everyone.

It enslaves those illegals with low wages, poor living conditions, and working rights.

It drives down wages for low income Americans who are forced to "compete"

It depletes our revenues providing healthcare, and social services and education to illegals

It increases our vulnerability to attack to maintain porus borders intentionally.

It makes a mockery of our laws. If we are a nation of laws, good ones and bad ones, we must be duty bound to uphold them, and change them if necassary...

We ought to have a comprehensive program to stop illegal immigration, including massive border security, substantive fines for employers hiring illegals. And we must have an effective and policable immigration and worker program...
On a related note, Jerome Armstrong of MyDD is working for Antonio Villaraigosa.

And, on a humorous note, in the post Bowers misspells our favorite word as "Demcorats."


This repeated pattern of referring to any mention of bad consequences caused by immigrants as scapegoating, is an ad hominem tactic, which fails to rise to the plane of rational dispute. To set up the entire class of immigrants as magically incapable of any blameworthy acts, as if 9-11 were not carried out by immigrants, is grossly irrational. It is a confession that there aren't any attractive arguments for mass immigration into a welfare polity. The reason that immigration restrictionists single out the immigrant for special censure when he eats up net public subsidy like a hardened predator, is because it is easier to get the public to accept state action against him, than the comparable classes of citizens. It is also natural to militate against the increase of evil. Everybody does it, why can't we, is not a moral argument, and does not provide any excuse for the immigrant who wants to increase the evils perpetrated against the net taxpayer by the tax swilling foreigners here.