"Illegal Workers Raise Security Concerns"

The AP has a roundup of recent cases where illegal aliens were found to be working in sensitive facilities, including a nuclear power plant and as an airline mechanic. Surprisingly, the same AP headline is used in all of the dozens of newspapers that published the report. Story here or here.

Note the quote from the AILA at the end:
"Part of reform needs to recognize that there are people here, living in the U.S., and working and paying taxes, who need to come out of the shadows," said Judy Golub, spokeswoman for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

"We're never going to enhance our security until we have immigration reform," Golub said.
Of course, in another context it wouldn't be out of the question to expect her to spout Lie #5: "they're just here to do the jobs Americans won't do."


Amnesty of illegals would greatly compromise our national security by encouraging a large increase in such criminal immigration. Also, there would be legalization of hostiles who would gain advantage in carrying out attacks through irresponsible wholesale legalization. The tolerance of mass aggression against the net taxpayer, through tolerance of low income immigration, is encouragement to all aggressors against the US, potential and actual. Legalizing shoplifting would not lead to less of it; neither would the legalization of espionage or terrorism. Therefore these treacherous advocates of such tolerance and amnesties, not being ignorant of such obvious truths, are enthusiastic over the prospect of more foreign attacks on an ever larger scale. One group may hope to gain more power thereby; another may hope to enrich themselves by scavenger feeding on the remains of a rich country.