Fmr. NC Gov. wants citizens to pay more for college than illegal aliens

From "Hunt touts bill to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants":
With North Carolina's Hispanic population booming -- and Hispanic children dropping out of school at alarming rates -- lawmakers introduced a bill Tuesday that would extend resident tuition rates at public universities to the children of illegal immigrants.

Former Gov. Jim Hunt returned to the General Assembly to show his support for the legislation, which is sponsored in the House by two Republicans and two Democrats. The measure would give in-state tuition to students who attended schools in North Carolina for at least four consecutive years before graduation. Young people in the country would have to apply for legal immigration status to receive the resident rate.

"It is morally right and it is economically necessary for our state," Hunt said. "We need these students. They have worked hard. They have excelled in high school. We need them to get all the education they can get."
It's morally right to give illegal aliens a better deal on college education than U.S. citizens? Bear in mind that while qualifying illegal aliens will get a discount, out of state U.S. citizens will still have to pay the full price. I think his moral compass has switched poles while he wasn't looking.


THe US government is a tool of international corporate-financial elites and the enemy of the American people.The mass transfer of a largely low-IQ Third World peasantry to the US does nothing to enhance its international competitiveness. You have to believe the elites have decided to transfer the focus of their operations to East and South Asia. The US is on track to becoming a society combining the worst aspects of Argentina and Brazil.

Who needs nations? Who needs borders? Next time you travel overseas leave your passport at home and tell those foeign officials that citizenship is an outdated concept.

It's good to see that someone in North Carolina has some common sense.