Ivor Manuel prophet has something to say. Will you listen?

Over two years ago I wrote the post "Fishing in Venezuela" about Judicial Watch suing Hugo Chavez about possibly sending $1 million to OBL after 9/11.

"Ivor Manuel prophet" recently left a long rambling, incoherent comment at that post about... Pope John Paul II.

I have no idea why Ivor chose that particular post or even what he's talking about. Go to his site at www.aleuzenev.com to see the more complete version.

To see an even more incoherent comment someone else left on an old entry, try this. I think she posted about 50k worth of text.


The False Prophet.

Ivor Manuel prophet declaration:

FISHING IN VENEZUELA seams like a good post to leave an incoherent message. i do have an interest in fishing; and if you think of your message as "carnada" (bait) You will find someone to bite on it; the message is Faith for Truth and Peace for all; and the fish are hungry. Ivor Manuel prays for you and Peace for the World; GOD BLESS YOU.