When Junior designs software

When Junior designs software you get things like Netscape and their wonderful innovations like javascript and cookies. And, when not-quite-as-bad companies like Macromedia do it, you get a workaround for those users who like to delete their cookies:
It's early to be talking about the dumbest technology of 2005. But United Virtualities has set a mark that it's going to be tough for other vendors to beat.

United Virtualities makes technology that allows marketers to un-delete cookies that users have chosen to delete. Their rationale — and I am not making this up — is that users are too dumb to make these decisions on their own.

As reported by TechWeb's Antone Gonsalves, United Virtualities has developed what it calls a Persistent Identification Element, or PIE (get it? cookies? pie?), which gets uploaded to a user's browser when he visits a site. PIE makes a backup copy of that site's cookies, and if a user deletes the cookies, PIE restores them...
This page describes how to disable Macromedia's innovation. To disable Netscape's various innovations, get into a time machine.


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