Trust nurses, distrust the California Nurses Association

While The Lonewacko Blog continues to express and/or wish to express its love and affection for nurses, the same cannot be said for the California Nurses Association. In addition to sleazy gender baiting, they're also leading a sleazy far-left protest tomorrow against Arnold in San Francisco:
Add in the governor's ill-fated attempt to change nurse-to-patient ratios in hospitals, and you have a coalition of everyone from nurses and firefighters to teachers and union workers ready to roll out the razzing carpet wherever the governor appears...

As for the governor's feelings about the continuous and growing demos: "It doesn't bother him at all," said spokeswoman Margita Thompson. "He knew from the start that there would be opposition from special interests. This just makes it easier to identify those opposed to change."


At Blogs for Terri there is a big controversy going on right now about how Wikipedia is screwing up their entry about the Terri Schiavo case, and how Wikipedia is refusing to correct the errors.