California's wackier senator wants to go hiking with you

Wouldn't it be nice to go for a hike with California's own Sen. Barbara Boxer? Via email:
The recent rains filled lakes and reservoirs, turned California's hillsides green, and have given us an amazing display of wildflowers...
Yes, aren't they beautiful? And, look, there's a fawn! Wait, what's that discordant sound?
The rains have also made it likely that West Nile Virus will have an even greater impact this year... Preventing the spread of West Nile should be a priority for us all in order to limit the number of people exposed to this disease. I encourage you to visit my Senate website to learn more about West Nile and the steps you can take to reduce the population of mosquitos and the transmission of the virus.

You can find my website at and the address for the West Nile feature is

I hope you find the information on West Nile helpful to you and your family.
Indeed I did. I never would have considered seeking out such information via alternative sources like search engines or something like that. Previous coverage of one of California's gifts to the world starts here.


At least she opposes gay marriage.