Maybe they aren't as DUmb as previously thought

The DUmmies discuss the Minuteman Project in "Immigration Opponents (Civilians!) To Patrol U.S. Border" and, while several posters give the expected responses, one poster with 1000+ posts (he's not one of ours, honest!) indicates support for the MMP. Not only that, but one of the stock-repliers somewhat agrees with him.

Then, they discuss 6 Iraqis detained on Mexican border (article here). The same 1000+ poster offers sensible comments, and is not immediately banished to the gulag.

However, the DUers return to form and don their tin foil hats with "The Coming War in Iran and Syria...and the Mexico/Arizona Border...?" which links to this Debka Meets Nancy Luft article.

But, things get a bit better and quite a bit surprising as well. The post in "Poll question: Do you support the deportation of all ILLEGAL aliens?" has 93 votes at post time. And, 69% of them said "Yes."


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You said, "has 93 votes at post time. And, 69% of them said "Yes.""

I would suggest that all that means is that you, Charles Johnson and a few other DU watchers were there and voted in the poll to scew their results and make them think Karl Rove was tying to infiltrate.

For some reason "preview" won't work so I'm going to remove the html tads I put in and hope it posts.

1000 Mexican Soldiers Prepare - Will They Help the Minuteman Project??

Will Mexico do her job to ensure that Mexicans be the law-abiding Mexican citizens of their homeland by doing border patrol and stopping them in their tracks before stepping illegally into the U.S.??

Perhaps it'd be cheaper to pay the Mexican army to do their job. No!! Bad move. Badddd move. But they can certainly help reduce possible "bloodshed"

The standoff saga continues...........

On March 30, 2005 I posted a message "Arizona Border News" at about the 500 agents the Department Of Homeland Security (Dept. of Homeland Insecurity) is sending to the Arizona border. Up until now the federal couldn't or wouldn't send more agents to the border. Now that the Minuteman Project has said they would do what the feds wouldn't the Dept. of Homeland Security has managed to come up with the needed man power. My question, are the agents being sent to Arizona to protect our border or will they be prtecting illegal aliens from the Minuteman Project?

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.