America's CEO is just maximizing shareholder value

As previously discussed, President Bush (of the U.S.), President Fox (of Mexico), and P.M. Martin met yesterday at Baylor University in Waco.

The WashTimes report is "Bush decries border project". The "border project" in question is the Minuteman Project. The AP report is in "Three-nation pact: Sore spots remain, but U.S. ties with Mexico, Canada thawing".

Both stories have little beyond the press conference which followed the meeting. Here are the sections of that conference dealing with immigration matters:

...PRESIDENT BUSH: And I have told [Vicente Fox] that we will -- I will continue to push for reasonable, common-sense immigration policy with the United States Congress. It is an issue with which I have got a lot of familiarity -- after all, I was the governor of this great state for six years and I dealt with this issue a lot, not only with President Fox's predecessors, but with governors of border states -- Mexican border states, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. And I know what -- I know the issue well. And I will continue to call upon Congress to be commonsensical about this issue.

And the basis of the policy is that if there is a job opening which an American won't do, in other words -- and there's a willing worker and a willing employer, that job ought to be filled on a legal basis, no matter where the person comes from. That makes sense. We need a compassionate policy. In other words, if this is in place, someone will be able to come and work from Mexico in the United States, and be able to go home -- back and forth across the border in a legal fashion. That seems to make sense to me. It's a commonsensical way of doing things.

I think we ought to have a policy that does not jeopardize those who've stood in line trying to become legal citizens. We want to reward those who have been patient in the process. There's plenty of Mexican citizens who have applied for citizenship, they should -- their position in line should not be preempted because of there's a worker program. But there's a better way to enforce our border. And one way is to be compassionate and decent about the workers who are coming here to the United States.

And, Mr. President, you've got my pledge, I'll continue working on it. You don't have my pledge that Congress will act, because I'm not a member of the legislative branch. But you will have my pledge that I will continue to push our Congress to come up with rational, common-sense immigration policy.


Q (As translated.) [...question about energy markets...] I also want to ask you in this security and prosperity partnership, when will you include the migratory, or immigration policy in this partnership?

And, President Bush, I wanted to ask you about your opinion about those people who are hunting migrant people along the border.

PRESIDENT BUSH: I'm against vigilantes in the United States of America. I'm for enforcing law in a rational way. That's why you got a Border Patrol, and they ought to be in charge of enforcing the border.

We talked about migration, of course -- we spent a lot of time talking about migration. We've got a big border with Canada, a big border with Mexico, and it's an important issue. But the issue on the borders is not just people, it's goods and services. And so the agreements we're talking about, the way to strengthen our relationships of course includes our border policy. And we'll continue to include border policy...


Aside from the usual asinine nonsense about immigration, these press conferences are always fun because speaking extemporaneously exposes Bush as a complete doofus.

So why did people vote for him again? Oh, I forgot: 'moral values'.

Thanks for clarifying which country Bush is President off at the beginning of your entry. I've really been confused lately with the way he wants to let illegal aliens into the country.

There is nothing rational or commonsensical about an amnesty for millions of foreign aggressors sucking out the lifeblood of the net taxpayers. We're being given another disgraceful exercise in appeasement of the mexican druglords, to which this administration appears to be stuporously beholden. In terms of maximizing shareholder value; the citizen is being asked, as a citizen, to value the devaluation of his citizenship, an obvious contradiction in terms, than which there can be no more clearly irrational belief.

As to the Minuteman, the whole thing is sureal, reminiscent of Catch 22. The minuteman are called vigilantes by Bush as "we have a border patrol". Over half a million illegals enter per year, many numerous times, so the patrol obviously doesn't work. Citizen attmpts to do what their government won't do (and are hired to do) are told they don't need to do it because the government is doing the job, but hten admit that they aren't by the final results.

KAFKA wwould have a field day!!!!!!

It's great to see the minuteman taking action!!!