OK, that's it, I've been converted to the Raelian Revolution

Everyone's favorite wacky New Age religious cult/group the Raelians held a photo-op/parade in Miami on Sunday:

Raelian women in their butterfly outfits in Miami

Decked in goddess garb -- butterfly wings, pasties and sparkly purple wraps -- the seven women marched from Washington Avenue to Alton Road, carrying signs and passing out fliers to bring others to the cause. They were joined by three men -- one a buff, blonde massage therapist from Switzerland who wore only a Speedo.

''The body is beautiful and we should be free,'' said Donna Newman, a Miami Raelian who handles the group's public relations...

You can see Donna and her friends on this page.

I'm having trouble choosing between Norma ("It's in the action that you see the manifestation of your consciousness"), the aforementioned Donna, Nadine (a High school French teacher), or the above-pictured Lisa ("Spread our wings to the harmony of Infinity... to celebrate our dreams!") What's that? I don't have to choose?