Is Hiawatha Bray really a real reporter?

The latest smearswarm attempt from MediaMatters concerns someone you've probably never heard of, the Boston Globe's technology reporter Hiawatha Bray. Seems he posted a few non-inflammatory pro-Bush posts to some blogs before the presidential election. A violation of journalistic ethics?

Perhaps. However, one wonders exactly how Bray's political beliefs could affect his coverage of computer viruses or iPods. Do they belong to a political party, conduct political campaigns, or get millions in donations from questionable global financiers?

Read about it here: "Boston Globe reporter used blogs to attack Kerry, support Bush during '04 campaign"

In other possibly Soros-funded news, I left a few comments on Media Matters' recent thread "O'Reilly misrepresented Los Angeles families and police policy". What exactly is this organization's obsession with ol' Bill? Why don't they act like those old-timey liberals and try something more significant? Here's the offer I left at that post:

...the rain appears to be gone here in the City of Angels, so it'd be a good time for MMFA and other "liberals" to come out here and attempt to do something about the gang violence in South L.A.... On request, I'll pick MMFA up at LAX and drop them off at Nickerson Gardens so they can set to work.

They aren't liberals, they're just O'Reilly-botherers.


I don't know if he is or not. What does it mean? -- "real".

But he made it onto Vdare once: