"Forced to a country she never knew"

Nothing like a New Jersey PIIPP:

Source: Trenton Times
URL: this
Date: Saturday, February 26, 2005
"Reporter": Eva Loayza

TRENTON - Mayra Ovalle's words are heavy with resignation and defeat.

Her husband was arrested in the couple's home almost two weeks ago by federal Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents on a deportation order, and she is being shipped back to Guatemala, too.

But it's not her plight or her husband's that saddens her the most. It is that of their 11-year-old daughter, who will be forced to leave the country where she was born and holds citizenship.

[She and her husband entered illegally...] he applied for political asylum and was able to get a work permit. Ovalle said Jovany, who worked as a cook, received seven extensions on his work permit.

[...applied for and denied political asylum, they applied for yet another amnesty program, that was denied too...] She said the judge told them they could either leave voluntarily or have him sign deportation orders for them.

The Ovalles chose voluntary departure, but never left.

Attorney Joseph Asir, who is currently representing Ovalle...

Lesson: don't have kids here while your immigration status is up in the air expecting them or soft-brained liberals to be able to bail you out. And, when you say you're going to leave, do so.



If you take the link and read the article you find a nice juxtaposition: at the bottom, there is a link to another story "Police arrest alleged gang chief, underlings". The first sentence of this piece reads:

"The alleged leader of the city's Latin Kings street gang and eight males who police believe are gang henchmen were arrested yesterday afternoon for the August murder of a city woman who witnessed the gang's attempted hit of a rival."