'Minutemen' to Patrol Arizona Border; DUmmies to support corrupt big corporations

The DUmmies have a thread on the ABC report "'Minutemen' to Patrol Arizona Border". Quite suprisingly, there are a few posters who agree with the idea that illegal immigration is a bad thing. However, as can be expected, there are also a few explicitly anti-American posters, and there's even someone named "Redstone" whose arguments sound very similar to those from FreeRepublic's own bayourod.

For your entertainment, here's the most explicitly anti-American comment:

37. What you call "Arizona" should rightfully be called Mexican soil
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So one could argue that a certain poetic justice exists when our southern brothers reclaim their birthright.

1840's Amerika could easily be compared to the to the tendencies of our modern hegemonic empire. Oil and Israel replaced gold and slavery with the meaningless label of Manifest Destiny serving as that century's terrorism buzzword.