"Adding migrants could help Social Security, report says"

AZ Republic's article, AZ Republic's title:

...Decreasing the number of foreigners admitted to the country - the current annual limit is 800,000 - would cost the program $207 billion to $611 billion over the same period, according to the report by the Virginia-based National Foundation for American Policy.

"The bottom line is that legal immigration benefits the Social Security system," said Stuart Anderson, the report's author and executive director of the foundation...

..."The idea that we can solve the long-term problems of our Social Security system on the backs of millions of low-wage immigrants simply doesn't add up," said Dan Stein, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates restricting immigration.

"Anderson's plan also begs the question of what happens when all these new immigrants paying into the system reach retirement age themselves," Stein said. "Who will pay for their benefits?"

He also said the foundation that paid for the report "promotes mass immigration."

The report was funded by the California-based Merage Foundation for the American Dream, which was created last year by Paul Merage, a California businessman who came to the United States at age 16 as an immigrant from Iran.

See also FAIR's statement "Long-Term Social Security Deficits Cannot Be Solved on the Backs of Low-Wage Immigrant Labor".


It is also likely that they mendaciously left out of account the use by nonelderly foreign-born of the social security disability system. This is a peculiarly rich and easy target for foreign hostiles to access. The reason soc. sec. is again facing fast reduction to deficit conditions is also because immigrants have not been net contributors to it in sufficient degree, if at all, to make a difference. Low income populations, and more than 80% of immigrants have below-median personal income, are assigned contributions far below what they get back. This program gets misrepresented continually, and the news media find it convenient not to report the truth about it.