More on Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. [R-VA]'s attempt to prevent social security for illegal aliens

Most "liberals" won't touch this issue, but at least a few conservatives will. From "A new immigration dispute":

WASHINGTON -- A Virginia Republican and some other foes of President Bush's immigration policy are seizing on a hot issue -- Social Security solvency -- to wield on the immigration front.

5th District Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. of Franklin County last week introduced a resolution telling President Bush not to submit for congressional approval an agreement with Mexico.

The pact "negatively impacts the Social Security system . . . and puts America's seniors at risk," the resolution stated. Goode was backed by 27 co-sponsors...

See the previous coverage of social security for illegal aliens.


It maybe time to see this nation and its Politicos as the real enemy of us all who don't want to become mexico, hey people we did it in 1776, let us think about doing it once more, maybe we can get it right this time, and free our own people from total enslavement of an insane government, think that is nut's? just wait and see.

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