Big Gannon story due tomorrow

Make sure you religiously refresh tomorrow, as there will be a big Gannon scoop issuing forth on the morn.
Some kindly blogger offered these words of advice on their 'Hint 2' thread:

Whatever happens tomorrow, we must never forget that this story isn't just about gay military porn, no matter how tittilating that might be. This is about a GOP shill who was somehow involved with gay military porn, not just about gay military porn.

Sure, the gay porn bit is important. But, it's about much more than gay porn. It's about gay military porn too.

UPDATE: At least one person on that thread thought I was serious. Note: must dumb down satire.

I note also that the big expose is, er, up.

And, it's not about gay military porn. No, sirree. It's about gay military prostitution!

There is probably little chance the White House knew Gannon was possibly a former male prostitute. And, if Gannon had been a good "liberal", other "liberals" would support a former male prozzie in the WH press corps. As it is, they're going to allow the WH to issue a full (and truthful) denial of having known he was a prozzie. Karl Rove triumphs again!