The key to the Gannon scandal

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Consider the June 16, 2003 article "Public Citizen Condemns Appointment of Corporate Lobbyist as Republican Party Chief":

WASHINGTON, D.C. โ€” By appointing Ed Gillespie, a leading corporate lobbyist, to head the Republican National Committee, President Bush has opened a conduit for Corporate America to strengthen its already formidable influence in the White House and Congress, Public Citizen said today.

The lobbying firm Gillespie co-founded in 2000, Quinn, Gillespie & Associates, has grown into one of the capital's most lucrative, in part because of Gillespie's strong ties to the Bush administration...

"The party chief is in a unique position to help friends and punish enemies," Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook said. "This is just one more step in the merger of the Republican Party and Corporate America. Ed Gillespie is a richly rewarded lobbyist who greased the wheels in Congress and the White House for Enron, one of the most crooked companies in U.S. history. And now he's at the head of the GOP. That should tell citizens where President Bush's interests lie..."

Now, consider the DU - yes, DU - thread "I think I found the Key to the Gannon scandal!"

Jeff Gannon worked for Talon News. Talon News and GOPUSA both belong to Bobby Eberle. The members of the board of directors are mostly active GOP Operatives from Texas.

Board member, Richard M. Powell is the Managing Director for Quinn Gillespie & Assoc. LLC...

Gillespie is none other than Ed Gillespie who was on a 'leave of absence' running the RNC for the 2004 Election.

But hang on folks, this doesn't involve just the GOP, it involves the DEMS too!

So who is Quinn, in this Quinn, Gillespie? Surprise, surprise he is a fellowed name Jack Quinn, a top DEM DC lobbyist.

Check out the News Page on their Website. This goes all the way to the Bush Campaign and the Kerry Campaign! They are all in bed together.

With much heaviness of heart, I must admit the DUmmies might have a point.