SaveOurLicense didn't file their financial paperwork


From the article "State has no campaign finance documents for 'Save our License'":

A committee trying to bar undocumented immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses has failed to report how much money its campaign has raised, according to the California Secretary of State.

The Secretary of State's Political Reform Division is investigating the Save Our License committee, an organization that has collected money and signatures since October 2003 to place various anti-illegal immigration measures on the ballot.

The group, which claims it has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since it organized in October 2003, has not filed a single campaign finance report with the state - a violation of state campaign finance rules, according to the Secretary of State's office...

I just called Save Our License, and, according to Mike Spence, no filing was done, due to a miscommunication between their treasurer and the company doing the filing. They've sent a letter saying they'll file the necessary paperwork. He said that they aren't under investigation.

I said, "so this isn't a Shelley shenanigan." He said no, but that might change depending on how the Secretary of State handles this matter.

NOTE: The AP has a similar report under the title "Anti-illegal immigrant group may have broken state finance rules". As one would expect, it uses "anti-illegal immigrant" instead of "anti-illegal immigration" and, naturally, "undocumented" instead of "illegal."