"Andean Storm Troopers"

What? First I've heard of this:

While President Bush's sweeping vision of worldwide democracy was never more vividly conveyed than in his recent inaugural speech, he has thus far failed to acknowledge an alarming anti-democratic movement festering within America's own hemisphere: the increased radicalization of Indians in South America's Andean region and their assumption of anti-democratic, reactionary and strikingly fascistic attitudes. This trend is increasingly powerful in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru and, if not dealt with quickly, will lead to the region's collapse into a political, economic and social Stone Age, posing a danger to the entire world.

In addition to their vocal opposition to capitalism, the United States and democracy-all characteristics that explain their close ties to the Left in their countries as well as to the Chavez regime in Venezuela and to Castro's Cuba-these movements are also openly racist. Indeed, they advocate a return to the pre—Columbian Inca state, with the European cultural and ethnic (i.e. "white") additions removed-by force. In any other circumstance, the combination of racism and historic nostalgia would instantly produce cries of fascism from the politically correct Left. But, not surprisingly, it views the situation in South America far differently-after all, to the Left, the "oppressed" races cannot be racist, only the white "oppressors" can and are...