"Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting" indeed

"Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting", otherwise known as FAIR, has an article by Salon's/Counterpunch's Dave Lindorff about HumpGate, otherwise known as BulgeGate: The Emperor's New Hump: The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election-because it could have changed the election. See also the same author's earlier piece "Technical expert: Bush was wired".

The content of the latest article should be faily clear from the title, but rather than wade through that let's look at the screengrab of the page. What are they trying to communicate with those side-by-side photos? Why, one might tend to think that what's pictured on the right is what's under the suit on the left, correct? Isn't that the subconscious reaction to seeing two such photos next to each other?

Let's look at the fine-printed caption and see if this reminds anyone of, for instance, how the National Enquirer and other scandal sheets do things:

It's clear even from unenhanced photos that George W. Bush has been wearing some kind of object under his clothing, both during the debates and at other public appearances. The enhancements done by NASA scientist Robert Nelson show a rectangular object with a long "tail"; in some shots a wire leading over Bush's shoulder is visible. This configuration closely resembles a PTT (Push To Talk) receiver with an induction earpiece, a device used by some actors, newscasters and politicians to allow for inaudible voice communication in a public setting. The particular model pictured here (which does not appear to be the exact type Bush wore) was manufactured by Resistance Technology, Inc. of Arden Hills, Minn.

"Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting" indeed.


I like this new format! but here is something that is being reported but on the back page of our news papers.

u.s. trade gap being talked about in china with allen greenspan he wants the government of china to help! the usa, in trade by allowing its money to flexible rate and stopping exports from china, this will never happen and can only happen if our dollar become useless and valueless and it can happen real soon. the fact is if any of you have been watching what is happening in the so called world market place you will see many big outfits moving to china ask why this is happening.

Read what bill gates just said about the dollar and our coming world, If bill gates is right and our dollar is replace by chinese money within 5 years our nation will become a total third world cesspool, do you what that? and what will you say about bush, I will tell you, "nothing" because third world people can't talk out against outrages!

stop think and understand your world before it eats you.

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