Hot Properties: Barbara Boxer

"Boxer Not Willing to Pull Her Punches":

WASHINGTON - A new blog is promoting her for president. NBC's "Saturday Night Live" spoofed her hair and her props. Some senatorial colleagues are secretly urging her to "go, girl, go." And Democratic coffers are filling up with her every volley...

We'll know she's arrived when she's featured in the L.A. Times' Hot Properties column.

...Boxer professes to marvel at how she has suddenly become the hot Democratic celebrity. She is lionized by her blogger fans as "a true liberal, unlike the weenie-Dems in the Senate and House." She "has the courage of her convictions," one blogger wrote, comparing her favorably to the "conscience of the Senate," the late Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.)

... There is talk that she may be a dark horse candidate for president ( is promoting the idea) and her Senate staff says 30 bouquets from supporters arrived in her office after she contested the 2004 election results. But Boxer eschews any suggestion of ambition for higher office...

One blog doesn't make a swarm. Nevertheless, I fully support No "nofollow" tags here! Note also that that blog has the Rittenhouse Review as a contributor, so you know it's extra good.

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Thanks so much for mentioning President Boxer!