"REAL immigration reform"


What's most remarkable about the top Senate Republican priorities for the new congressional session, announced Monday, is what was left out: not one mention of immigration reform. We're not talking about President Bush's doomed guest-worker bill. Even the agonizing energy bill made the list at No. 10. One would think that on an issue which unites Republican voters as much as immigration reform, that Republican senators would pay attention. We speak from firsthand experience. No one issue so enflames the passions of our readers, as evidenced by heated letters to the editor, than the country's backward immigration laws. Have Senate Republicans gone deaf?

...At their annual retreat later this week House Republicans have a chance to place immigration reform high on their list of priorities for the new session - and for the sake of the nation, we trust they will. Yet the difference in priorities between the Republican leadership on the Hill is unsettling. If Republicans aren't united on how to best protect the homeland, then it won't take the Democrats long to figure out that they should be.