"Border drone program being stopped for evaluation"

More "Sun to shine tomorrow" news:

MESA, Ariz. โ€” Aerial drones patrolling the Arizona-Mexico border will be grounded after the current contract expires next Sunday so the federal government can evaluate the program's effectiveness, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection says.

Immigration authorities have been testing unmanned drones on the border for months, using them to help agents spot illegal immigrants and smugglers.

"It's undetermined when the program will start back up," said Mario Villarreal, spokesman for agency. "I would say sometime this year..."


FYI, I've got more info on the drone program here:

Bush Administration suspends U.S.-Mexico border drone program... with money to spare

It appears that those four little drones tracked more than 800.000 illegals in about six months as they crossed a portion the Arizona border.
Obviously we need to ground them and reevaluate.