Dude, they're just here to do the jobs Americans won't do, dude

One of the top 100 most influential newspapers in Southern California, the Hermosa Wave, reports on the recent kerfluffel involving illegal alien day laborers in Redondo Beach. It continually uses the phrase "anti-immigrant" and "illegal" only appears twice. One instance of the latter is in a quote.

Normally, I'd just ignore inconsequential reports in inconsequential newspapers, but it does have this absolutely hilarious bit:
Thomas Saenz, one of the MALDEF lawyers arguing the case on behalf of the day laborers, said that in his experience at least some anti-immigrant sentiment is usually behind the enactment and enforcement of anti-solicitation ordinances. The day laborers, he said, are "a visible manifestation of what they are uncomfortable with, which is immigrant presence in their community."

Saenz said 50 communities in California have such ordinances, but few are enforced because of their questionable constitutionality. He suggested that even if Redondo Beach had no intention of stirring anti-immigrant emotions, its actions have inevitably had that effect.

"The city should reflect on who its allies end up being," said Saenz. "It will tell them a great deal about what their actions have sanctioned. It does embolden people to engage in acts they otherwise wouldn't — some of these fringe groups feel the city has officially sanctioned their cause by abusing the rights of these guys."
Redondo should indeed watch who they're dealing with. They should start with MALDEF, a non-grassroots far-left pro-illegal immigration organization that was basically created out of whole cloth by the Ford Foundation.

You can contact the advocacy piece's author at news *at* easyreader.info