Now that's an apologist!

From Robert D. Knight, of Murrieta, who's "an associate faculty member in the political science department at Mt. San Jacinto College in Menifee":

Ethnocentrism appears to be alive and well at The Press-Enterprise. In the editorial "Migration mania" (Our Views, Jan. 7), you argue that the Mexican government is promoting undocumented migration to the United States. You further suggest that such efforts are irresponsible by your use of the term "mania," and demand that the Mexican government cooperate with the U.S. government in order to make immigration reform possible.

This position views the issue of undocumented immigration only from the perspective of those north of the border. The administration of Mexican President Vincente Fox has pursued dialogue with the Bush administration over immigration as one of its major initiatives since taking office in December 2000.

It has been the Bush administration that has not been cooperative, despite an initial move in this direction before 9-11. From the perspective of Mexico, failure of the U.S. to formulate an immigration policy that recognizes the reality of the labor market has put its citizens at risk. Mexicans view with indignation a policy by its colossal northern neighbor that results in unfair labor conditions for its citizens.

They also understandably resent their fellow citizens being subject to the indignity of being treated as criminals, when they are simply meeting the demand for labor in the U.S. market. When these workers die in the desert, not only do their families and communities back home suffer, but also a sense of moral outrage aggravates the long and difficult history of U.S.-Mexico relations...

[...etc..., continually evokes the phrase "barely useful complete idiot"... ...etc...]

The Mexican Migrant's Guide represents what any responsive government would do for its citizens under similar circumstances...

Here's the offending editorial, "Migration mania":

From Mexico's Foreign Secretary comes a dubious addition to the self-help genre: The Mexican Migrant's Guide. At best, the 36-page comic book-style pamphlet offers a mixed message: We don't condone crossing the border illegally, but since you're going to do it anyway, here are a few safety tips...

[...etc... describes the comic book, mentions remittances... ...etc...]

Congress has said it will make immigration reform a priority this year, as it should. But any reform will founder without cooperation from Mexico City. It's time for the two nations to start working from a common page, and it won't be found in a comic-book pamphlet.

The P-E's editorial is very close to those from the Arizona Republic, Dallas Morning News, and the Long Beach Press-Telegram, as linked to by Your "Guide for the Mexican Migrant". As with the other papers, they basically appear to support so-called immigration "reform" and they also appear to be mainly upset with Mexico for committing a tactical blunder. Apparently the P-E editorial doesn't go quite far enough for the taste of the associate faculty member.

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