Canada, pizza, and a stripper

What ever could those have in common? This:

A failed refugee claimant convicted of crimes in India and found civilly liable in a credit-card fraud against Canada's five major banks finally forced embattled Judy Sgro to resign yesterday as immigration minister.

Ms. Sgro, already under investigation by the federal Ethics Commissioner for granting a Romanian stripper a temporary resident permit, became the first minister to resign amid controversy since the Paul Martin government took office last June...

Harjit Singh, a 49-year-old Sikh pizza-parlour owner from Amritsar, accused Ms. Sgro of reneging on a promise to help him resolve his immigration problems in exchange for free pizza and garlic bread from his Brampton, Ont., business, and for providing Ms. Sgro with campaign volunteers. He has spent 16 years exploiting Canada's immigration system and its numerous loopholes in an ultimately unsuccessful bid to stay...

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A Reuters report ends with the following, so perhaps there's a bit more to this story than just a wacky tale of strippers and pizza:

...Sgro triggered headlines almost from the day she was appointed in December 2003, first by opposing the tradition of churches sheltering asylum seekers and then by saying that Canada's refugee system was being abused.