Gosh, what could the race hustlers be worried about?

MALDEF - the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund - continues trying to block Arizona's Prop. 200.

Apparently the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - surprise! - has turned down MALDEF's request for a preliminary injunction against 200.

At the same time, MALDEF appears to be attempting to complain to the DOJ about Prop. 200 violation the federal Voting Rights Act.

Their reason? Their attorney says "the identification requirements [of 200] will put an end to drives in which individuals can be certified to go into communities and register voters. He said that will harm Latino communities that, until now, have managed a sharp increase in voter registration." Perhaps it will. However, somehow I think that explanation is disingenuous at best.

In local news, L.A. mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg is a board member of MALDEF. There's more on MALDEF here.