"Bush taps Ariz. trio for border reforms"

Remember the Woody Allen movie 'Bananas'? Specifically, this part:

It is Allen's time in San Marcos when the political satire of Bananas really begins to kick in. Allen takes shots at all forms of government and war, and often to greatly humorous effect. In typical Allen fashion, he stumbles upwards in the movement, without particularly meaning to, and soon finds himself the unwillingly president of San Marcos. San Marcos realizes it's in need of a new leader, since their current leader has gone crazy and has used a recent public speaking event to announce that from now on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish, and that every one will have to change their underwear every half an hour. Of course, they will also be forced to wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes, so the government will be able to check.

Forward to someone's reality:

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Thursday said he's enlisting the aid of three Arizona lawmakers [McCain, Kolbe, Kyl] to come up with a detailed immigration-reform plan for Congress to consider, an effort he says will benefit undocumented workers and employers and improve border security.

"I can flesh out quite a few of the details. I can't write the bill for you right now," Bush told The Arizona Republic and other newspapers during a round-table interview at the White House. Other topics he touched on included Iraq, Social Security reform, Major League Baseball's tougher new steroid-testing program and next week's inauguration festivities...

"We haven't come up with the actual tactic," Bush acknowledged when asked to provide new details of what he would want in such a guest-worker bill beyond the broad principles he has floated for about a year.

However, Bush was emphatic that he is not talking about amnesty or automatic citizenship for the estimated 8 million to 12 million undocumented immigrants working in this country...

Bush also said, "I think once we get this in place we've got to help enforce it by holding people to account who illegally employ somebody."

...There also are questions about whether Bush's plan would include labor protections, such as minimum wage or benefits, and how many workers would be allowed to participate in such a program as well as whether they would be able to bring their family members with them.

Bush on Thursday declined to provide answers to such specifics...

Like it says in our official slogan, "Don't blame me, I wrote in Tancredo."