Florida's Sun-Sentinel: the newspaper that reads minds

Don't believe it? Here's an example:

...The meeting, called by the Miami-Dade Community Relations Board, did little, however, to quell mounting fears in the Hispanic and Haitian communities or satisfy their leaders...

That's from an article about immigration sweeps in South Florida. And, the excerpt raises several questions: are those "communities" comprised of legal residents, or of illegal aliens? How exactly do we know there are "mounting fears" among the legal resident communities? And, who exactly elected these "leaders"?


...While advocates say most immigrants are too afraid to come forward and report the problem fearing further action, some are speaking out...

And, what exactly would that "further action" be? Are illegal aliens afraid of being deported? What, they should be welcome to stay here?

Continuing our stay in Wacky World:

...Nationally, some police departments have been reluctant to take on immigration functions saying it often scares immigrants from reporting crime or providing information to law enforcement.

Moreover, some cities with large immigrant communities such as Los Angeles have drafted special ordinances to ensure police don't act as immigration agents...

The bottom line is this reporter has her own worldview which would seem to be inconsistent with, like, legal vs. illegal immigration. Please contact the Sun-Sentinel and suggest they change their coverage to reflect the truth and the laws rather than the wacky world of potentially ethnic-based advocacy. Their "reader liaison" is gbulfin@sun-sentinel.com .

I note that this type of coverage is similar to that that lead to the ending of the immigration sweeps in Temecula. Why spoil a perfectly good formula?


"Please contact the Sun-Sentinel..."

Go ahead, for what it's worth; personally, I've found it to be a complete waste of time. Reading it for even a short time should tell you it's one of the most PC newspapers in the country (and as you ought to know, the competition is pretty stiff). Not long after 9/11 they ran a story about rising fear among local muslims, including a woman found to be here illegally, the article giving prominent play to her claim that jailers refusing to let her keep her head covered (for security reasons, I guess) was the equivalent of being raped.

And so it goes.