"Bark and bite in city's new dog care laws"

Dog companaions by law are now required to provide:

* Clean, dry shelter with a floor, roof and three sides, with room for the dog to turn around
* Adequate food for maintaining body condition and daily fresh water in a tip-proof container
* Tethers must be 10 feet or more with a non-choke collar or body harness or a pulley-like system

Punishment if found abusing these laws:

* Fines start at $50 and mistreatment could lead to a misdemeanor charge punishable by a $1,000 fine and or jail time

Who is exempt:

* Homeless people

Other aspects of the new law:

* Vicious dogs. Grants authority to Department of Animal Care and Control hearing officers to prohibit owners of vicious dogs from owning a new dog for three years
* Dog bites. Requires dog owners to exchange personal contact information and rabies vaccine history with any person their dog bites, or the guardian of any bitten animal, as well as to notify Animal Care and Control

Source: [San Francisco] Board of Supervisors

From "Bark and bite in city's new dog care laws: Better treatment standards set for man's best friend." I searched for the legislation but couldn't find it. I'll search later, because I really want to see this.