So, what's the exit strategy?

From "Hispanic supporters want President Bush to ease imigration rules":

When President Bush swooped into South Florida two months ago desperately seeking support in a close re-election campaign, some of the most fervent response came from immigrants who shouted their support in English and Spanish.

Hispanic voters in particular flocked to the Republican president in surprising numbers, helping to seal his victory. Now immigrant communities in Florida and elsewhere eagerly await his plan to allow undocumented arrivals from their countries to live and work here legally...

So. They want as many people of the same race to come here and be declared citizens. That means even more people of the same race will come. And, they will presumably want (or we will be told that they want) the same thing: even more people of the same race to come here. Eventually, we can assume, all those people of the same race will finally decide that they don't want to bring in more people of the same race. Then - and presumably only then - can we stop illegal immigration.

The article also mentions Lincoln Diaz-Balart as a guest worker program supporter. Although you'd never know it from the article, he's definitely in the minority:

Only one congressional Republican at the Philadelphia retreat [out of 218 Republicans --LW], Florida Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, spoke in favor of the president's immigration proposal, several members in attendance said.