"[CO] Group seeks action on illegal immigration"

From this:

A group considering a 2006 ballot initiative to keep undocumented immigrants from receiving government services said it will move forward if legislators don't take a stand.

Defend Colorado Now sent a letter to all 100 lawmakers, who assemble one week from today for the start of the 2005 session...

If the legislature fails to act this session or next, the group would try to put the initiative on the 2006 ballot, Herron said. In addition, he said supporters would target lawmakers, making sure voters know "who the pro-illegal alien candidates are..."

"We will fight with every ounce of our being to defeat such a proposal," said Bill Vandenberg, co-director of the Colorado Progressive Coalition, a statewide civil rights group...

...Asked if the ballot item might be considered racist, Herron laughed. He said during secretary of state hearings last year on the initiative's wording, one opponent told him to get on the boat and go back to Europe.

"Who's the racist here?" Herron said.


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Also: does 'fight it with every ounce of our being' mean that they will put Denver to the torch, if this goes through? Why can't these progressive victims use rational arguments, instead of threats and ad hominem responses? Is it because there aren't any? Why do such progressives feel the need to be ombudsmen for those who can't talk back, such as illegal aliens or endangered wildlife? Is it because their manner of representing people is utterly objectionable?

It is good that people are taking initiative to suppress the traitorous giveaways to foreign criminals moving illicitly in our midst. The progressive civil leftists seem to have a priority of turning the country into a welfare project for the entire third world, but an economy can't be run that way, and we have a right to freedom from aggression.