True Border Security (WaPo style)

Try to stifle your laughter while reading this WaPo editorial:

AT HIS YEAR-END news conference, President Bush was passionate in his support for liberalization of the nation's immigration laws, and in particular for changes that would allow legal status for temporary workers in the country, on security grounds if nothing else: [...compassionate Jorge Arbusto quote deleted...] ...Yet only days earlier, he had agreed to help House Republicans pass more restrictive border control legislation in exchange for their support for a bill that reshaped the intelligence bureaucracy...

...There are Republicans who support the president's larger ideas too... [...list of RINOs deleted...] ...The details of their bills differ, but they have in common something that the House's narrower measures do not: They recognize that the flow of workers into this country is both permanent and popular, ensuring everything from inexpensive food to an abundant supply of graduate students -- and that true border security ultimately rests on documenting and legalizing that flow of workers. If the president actually believes in what he says, he should start now to work with Democrats, immigration advocates and those members of his party who want comprehensive rather than piecemeal change. That means either putting some details into his own vague reform proposals or throwing political weight behind one or more of the bills already on the table.

As can be expected, all eight messages discussing this oppose the WaPo's fantasy world.

I note also that the editorial uses the word "liberalize", which was also used in their "news" report of a couple days ago. I'm sure both the editorial and the "news" report were just reading from the same script.