"Mexico and its illegals"


To keep good relations, neighboring countries must respect each others' immigration laws. The government of Mexico has repeatedly professed that it agrees. If it truly does, how does it explain last month's release of "The Guide for the Mexican Migrant"? The guide, published by the Mexican Foreign Ministry and distributed inside Mexico, gives tips to would-be illegals on how best to get to the United States safely. As such, it constitutes egregiously official assistance to Mexicans preparing to immigrate illegally, and undercuts its leaders' professions of goodwill and cooperation...

...Surely it's in both countries' interest to discourage illegal crossings. But we also think that when a government counsels its citizens on crossings that are illegal in character, that government is in effect offering an endorsement of the lawbreaking in question.

When Secretary of State Colin Powell gets back from his tsunami relief trip, he should call Ambassador de Icaza to the State Department to register the U.S. government's official complaint. A government can't advise its citizens to break a neighbor's laws and then call it "public safety."