The WaPo has finally overloaded my circuits

The WaPo offers us "Bush Immigration Plan Meets GOP Opposition", an article that contains several hidden assumptions just ripe for a fisking. However, it's not bad enough that I want to expend the effort. Therefore, a mini fisk:

1. Are you sure you want to use the phrase "[Bush's plans to] liberalize the nation's immigration laws"? Are you sure what he wants is "liberal"? Perhaps "feudalize", or "NWO-orize", or "elite-scam-ize" might be better terms.

2. You say "[some House Republicans are] seeking to ratchet up enforcement efforts against undocumented workers". Whew! First off, they aren't "undocumented workers." They're "illegal workers" or "illegal aliens." Even more importantly, that quote implies that they mainly want to crack down on the illegal aliens themselves. Most realize it's the employers and the sending countries that are the root of the problem.

3. You say "Congress will begin the year on an anti-immigration note". Yet, your entire article makes it clear the House Republicans and others are talking about illegal immigration, not immigration in general. In other words, you're not telling the whole truth.

4. You discuss the "ineffectiveness of the nation's immigration laws." Isn't correct to say that the laws are not the problem, it's the enforcement of them?

5. You refer to the National Immigration Forum as an "immigrants' rights group". Looking at the organizations who employ their board members, would other phrases be more appropriate to describe this group? Not that it isn't a respected group, just that its members might have their own racial or monetary agendas.


Immigration is being used as a weapon against works here and the bush boys like that idea, you can keep people in line and do what you want with millions of whites and black workers, you can use laws to imprison millions of blacks that can't find work and millions of young whites that have no jobs or no hope. Lets face facts our government is our real enemy just like bin laden, Bush hates this culture and will help any-other culture in-order to collapse this idea of what we call our national culture of free thinking people he will use the good ideals to do evil against us who are not of the ideals of Mexico and the hispanic peoples just like he will use our young to fight so called Terrorists.

Ask why our non borders are so open, at time of war? "Oh I forgot, one of the bush boys said "we are not at war with anyone"? only a moral swine that live in a cesspool would say that, how sad a nation that won't fight against its real enemy have it coming. last thing how many homeless do we have in this non nation that are homeless because of low paying jobs and who have been replaced by mexican workers, the answer to 40 million, look up the facts, the labor shortage is a joke and a weapon against you and your world.

Shouldn't there also be some consideration of whether the public believes that we have a labor shortage requiring a new bracero supply for the truly humble lords of tax-built irrigation acreage? Don't the people say there is too much unemployment here, and certainly not too little? I think that we can tell that the overwhelming majority believes that it would be evil for the president to try to bring our median incomes or unemployment closer to the average of the tropical shantytown countries.