"Report: U.S. is waging `war on immigrants'"

Miami Herald:

When foreign nationals arrive at Miami International Airport and ask for asylum, some wind up criminally charged for trying to sneak into the country with false papers. Others are detained, some for months, before their cases are decided.

Prosecution and detention of asylum seekers are among the examples cited in a new report by a Miami-based immigrant rights group of what it says is growing intimidation of refugees and undocumented migrants in Florida and across the country.

The report of more than 150 pages, Securing Our Borders: Post-9/11 Scapegoating of Immigrants, is the first comprehensive account of the local and regional impact of immigration measures since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks...

Wow, it sounds damning. Who wrote it?

...The report was written by Cheryl Little, executive director of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, and Kathie Klarreich, a freelance journalist who specializes in Haitian issues. The report is scheduled to be released next month. The Miami Herald obtained a draft...

While I have no prior knowledge of those two fine scribes - who were able to crank out a full 150 pages - I do have google. Let's try a search for '"Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center" "ford foundation"'. Holy Multiculturalists! 54 choices.

Let's try this one:

The Four Freedoms Fund (FFF) is a foundation collaborative that includes the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute (OSI), Joyce Foundation and Mertz Gilmore Foundation. The Fund, started in 2003, was created to promote immigrant civic participation; build capacity among vulnerable groups after Sept. 11; and develop a network of organizations that support immigrant integration and protect civil liberties. Initial grants totaled $2.6 million and were distributed to 45 organizations...

[...a grantee includes...]

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center (FIAC), Miami — Funded by the Ford Foundation to strengthen FIAC advocacy and legal representation work on behalf of immigrants and refugees in South Florida.

I don't have the report, but I think we can understand exactly where it's coming from.

This article is from Knight-Ridder, and it's available here under the much less alarming title "Report examines impact of immigration measures since Sept. 11".