"Lawmakers resubmit special tuition bill for undocumented immigrants [Mass.]"

From this:

BOSTON -- Legislators have reintroduced a bill that would allow the children of undocumented immigrants to attend state colleges and pay regular tuition.

In June, Gov. Mitt Romney vetoed the legislation, known as the In-State Tuition Bill. This month, Rep. Marie St. Fleur, D-Suffolk, and Sen. Jarrett Barrios, D-Cambridge, re-introduced the bill...

Immigrant students gathered at the Statehouse recently to support the bill.

The proposed legislation would allow the children of undocumented immigrants, who have attended state high schools for at least three years and graduated, to attend state public colleges and pay the in-state tuition.

Children of undocumented immigrants are currently forced to pay out-of-state tuition when they try to attend public colleges and universities...

Please contact feedback@s-t.com and let them know that "undocumented immigrant" is not the correct phrase. "Illegal alien" is the phrase used in the U.S. Code (example) and it's the phrase they should be using.

The 12/01/04 Boston Globe article on this bill also used "undocumented" and it included a race-baiting quote from Sen. Jarrett Barrios, D-Cambridge.


A consequence of such a policy, if enacted, may show the objective being aimed at. If higher education funded by aggression on the citizenry is offered to foreign criminals and their children, this encourages them to immigrate even into the most horrific conditions that the politics and jurisprudence of compassion for evil can devise. There is almost no limit to the wretchedness of welfare project failure that such foreigners wouldn't still pile in on, when incentives of this kind are advertised to the desperate. This may explain why our most destructive politicians could get enthusiastic about having a means of recruiting new cohorts into jurisdictions which drive everyone else away. Their failure should be made to stick, not be painted over with duped foreigners, whose presence seems to say that these places are not as deadly as you might think.