"Fortress America's problem at the border"

The BBC has a "report" on illegal immigration into the U.S. The scare quotes are because it has all the insight that you'd expect, couple with a few errors, at least one of which has been corrected. As might be expected the correction isn't noted in the new version.

It's not a major correct, but it certainly is indicative.

Here's the first version, posted about four hours ago to FreeRepublic:

In the summer, the temperatures in Arizona soar to well beyond boiling point.

And, here's the version currently at the BBC's site:

In the summer, the temperatures in Arizona often soar to 40-45C (104-113F).

Read the FR link for some of the more substantial errors, including his description of the race-baiting film "A Day Without A Mexican."

You can send feedback through this form or contact the author directly: matt.frei@bbc.co.uk


Fortress Israel has had a year, or several years, without Palestinian menials, and there is no bad effect from that, on net balance. One may posit that one race or another is incapable of working, but the menials are by far the most replaceable of all workers. The experiment, which is another refutation of Marx's manual labor theory of value, is underway in Israel, with the fencing out of something like the bottom 10% of the labor force.