"Illegal aliens cost California billions"

The WashTimes covers the FAIR report previously blogged here. From the WashTimes article:

Illegal immigration costs the taxpayers of California - which has the highest number of illegal aliens nationwide - $10.5 billion a year for education, health care and incarceration, according to a study released yesterday.

A key finding of the report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said the state's already struggling kindergarten-through-12th-grade education system spends $7.7 billion a year on children of illegal aliens, who constitute 15 percent of the student body.

The report also said the incarceration of convicted illegal aliens in state prisons and jails and uncompensated medical outlays for health care provided to illegal aliens each amounted to about $1.4 billion annually. The incarceration costs did not include judicial expenditures or the monetary costs of the crimes committed by illegal aliens that led to their incarceration.

"California's addiction to 'cheap' illegal-alien labor is bankrupting the state and posing enormous burdens on the state's shrinking middle-class tax base," said FAIR President Dan Stein...

San Diego's North County Times' article on this report is here.


And they're supposed to be the ones who come here just to work. No one ever went to any country just to work; unless it were a robot. These supposedly pure workers, who are defined as incapable of doing wrong, are evidently naughty enough to choke the prisons and the municipal day-care facilities which are mendaciously called educational institutions, and the welfare clinics, and so much more. Working on getting oneself and one's relatives onto the alternative welfare machinery, is classed as noble work, it would seem.