Dems don't seem to get out much

Take a look at this chart. It has the result of a survey of the differences between Republicans and Democrats regarding the cars they drive, the TV they watch, and what activities they partake in.

Out of 30 activities, Dems (supposedly) only do 5 more than Repubs: surfing, basketball, antiquing, casino gambling, and dancing. Seriously, how many surfers are there? Wouldn't those who "antique" also do other things like volunteer work, gardening, and photography?

Casino gambling I can understand; something about average IQ.

An interesting chart would include location/cost info. Ice-skating would appear to be a low-cost activity and available in liberal areas like the Northeast and upper Midwest, yet it's largely Repub. Tennis is a fairly low-cost activity, as is fair weather dayhiking.

Full article here. Previous report here. Via this.