We could make outsourcing even better!

Sometimes my comments aren't exactly top-drawer. In most cases that's simply because I crank them out instead of spending the time to make them as good as they could be. So, the comment I left here should be considered simply a work-in-progress:

The only problem with outsourcing is all the money that's wasted in transport.

Wouldn't it be great if we could benefit from the tremendous benefits of outsourcing, but without all the inefficiencies? The solution is clear: we need to invite several million Chinese to come here and work in our factories or doing field work or other forms of manual labor. That way we can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing, without having to pay for the transoceanic freight!

Even better, we could cut a deal with the Chinese government to use some of their slave/prison labor. Look, let's face reality. Those people are in prison for doing bad things, and if they're in China they're going to be doing work. Why don't we face up to reality, do them a little favor, and make money in the process? That's what I call a win-win!

We establish "worker camps" in the U.S. to house those Chinese "laborers". China will want us to make sure their "laborers" work hard and are kept "under control." We'll do that, but we'll also provide better conditions than they'd normally get. We could even establish satellite "worker camps" at various business parks around the nation!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah yeah!


I wouldn't beat yourself up over this. Blog posts are by their very nature transitory, temporary, and very similar to the airtime-filling reporting that goes on just after some horrific event. (Ever see the Buckwheat/Ted Koppel parody on SNL in the during the Murphy/Piscopo period? A good skewering of this "reporting," right down to running the same video clip over and over again.) But I digress....I'm waiting for the U.S.-owned company that puts up the employment sign "Citizens and legal residents need not apply."