Kumbaya, amen.

Both Josh and Sully are up in arms about the networks refusing to air an ad from the United Church of Christ.

After seeing a snippet of the commercial, I don't see what the problem is. All it does is show a white bouncer and a black bouncer turning people away from a church. First, a straight white male parishioner with a John Edwards-style pompadour is allowed in by the white bouncer. Then, the white bouncer (assisted by his black bouncer in the background) starts turning Parishioners of Color and Parishioners of LGBT Genderial Orientation away. Then, the commercial closes with pictures of other Parishioners of Color smiling broadly. (I didn't hear Kumbaya in the background, but the snippet I saw was without sound.)

The commercial sends the message that the United Church of Christ is not just for straight white people, and that there are no white bouncers (with black sidekicks) who'll turn you away despite your Melatonin Index or Gender Identification. It's truly a wonderful, inclusive, completely harmless message and I see absolutely no problem with this commercial.