"Anti-Immigrant Forces Said to Gain Strength in U.S."

From Alan Elsner of Pravda, er, Reuters:

Republicans who want to slow immigration to the United States and crack down on illegal immigrants believe they are gaining political strength and public backing, which may pose a problem next year for President Bush...

But he may face growing anti-immigrant sentiment, not only his own party but in the country at large, several opponents claimed...

[quote from FAIR]

...anti-immigration conservatives recently defied the White House by insisting that a bill to reform the nation's intelligence services include anti-illegal alien provisions...

[... etc. etc. ...]

Those of you just joining us might not see a problem with this article. However, consider the juxtaposition of the phrase "anti-immigrant sentiment" followed immediately by a quote from FAIR. Doesn't that tend to imply that FAIR - and others who oppose massive illegal and/or legal immigration - are "anti-immigrant?" The title of the piece - which may have been written by the author or by an editor - gives the same intentionally false impression: those who are opposed to massive illegal or legal immigration are opposed to the immigrants themselves or are completely opposed to immigration.

Not only does the author of this piece have his own site, he has a barely-used blog (no comments) and an email address: gatesofinjustice@aol.com

But, here's the more important email address: editor@reuters.com

This article is discussed here. See, for instance, this post:

[The author] knows the difference full well, as do all the reporters and leftists who use this slimy tactic.

Any rationale examination of the proposals put forth by people like Tancredo would prove that he is anti-mass legal immigration, anti-all illegal immigration, and anti-amnesty.

Likewise, any fair look at what Americans consistently tell pollsters would show them to be the exact same things.

Another thing that the press and academics like to do is explain WHY Americans aren't so keen on unending mass immigration at a particular time, chalking it up to economic or security fears. This of course doesn't explain why public sentiments are pretty much the same during prosperous times as well. Its as though these people think it is unrationale to oppose mass immigration.