"Hillary Eyeing Immigration as Top 2008 Issue"

NewsMax offers a roundup of Hillary being to the "right" of Bush on immigration matters. There's no outright statement from her saying if she ran she'd make it a key part of her campaign, but some of the things she's said - bearing in mind Billary probably polled the type of dog they should get - might make people think she's got that in mind.

Back in July I noted that at the DNC convention she said we need to "secure our borders." My thoughts at the time still stand: the Clintons weren't so good on immigration during their presidency, but that doesn't necessarily rule out her receiving a lot of support if she earnestly (yeah, I know) pledges to do something positive this time around.


I posted this response to the same story on www.rescueamericanjobs.com - Hillary Clinton's lifetime score from Americans for Better Immigration is 19%. If she wants to run on this issue she is going to have to make an effort to improve her score. She has four years and plenty of opportunity to show if she is serious.

By comparison, the names being floated as likely Republican nominees, such as John McCain and Bill Frist, have ABI scores ranging from 31% to 41%. Kerry's lifetime score is 38%, double that of Hillary. But, hey, a lot can change in four years, including Hillary Clinton's voting record on immigration. If it does improve, she just might pick up my support.

She's not really electable. Too many people hate her guts. At least, I hope she's not electable. But, I've been wrong before (see election 2004).

Hillarycare *was* what people *accused* Kerry's plan of being. Hillarycare *was* a socialized medical plan funded by the Government, whereas Kerry's plan was a mostly-end-user-funded *optional* program that basically just expanded the group plan bargaining pool. But shit, people don't read anymore.