Kerry lost? (Into the fever swamps edition)

Links to videos of Keith "open your veins" Olbermann devoting 17 minutes to possible voter fraud as well as a 60 Minutes segment on blackboxvoting are here.

This post has very many links to other DU posts on voting fraud.

This page discusses possible overvotes in Ohio.

This post discusses 19,000 more votes in Miami County, FL.

This post has something or other about Nevada.

This post hints at strange goings-on in one Florida county. However, no links or supporting evidence is provided, and all the respondents have emails...

"An Examination of the Florida Elections" appears like it might have something, but I'm at a loss to understand what exactly. There are, however, a great deal of charts and graphs that someone should at least take a look at.

There are lots of links here.

And, finally, this from Ohio:

In a letter dated Oct. 21, Ken Nuss, former deputy director of the Auglaize County Board of Elections, claimed that Joe McGinnis, a former employee of Election Systems and Software (ES&S), the company that provides the voting system in Auglaize County, was on the main computer that is used to create the ballot and compile election results, which would go against election protocol. Nuss claimed in the letter that McGinnis was allowed to use the computer the weekend of Oct. 16.

Nuss, who resigned from his job Oct. 21 after being suspended for a day, was responsible for overseeing the computerized programming of election software, according to his job description. His resignation is effective Nov. 11.

The letter also included allegations that Burklo released a sheet from a petition packet filed by Auglaize County Common Pleas Judge Frederick Pepple last December.

UPDATE: Keith "open your veins" Olbermann discusses the episode of his show referenced above in Electronic voting angst.